Ashanti Regional Minister Hon. Simon Osei Mensah has categorically stated that he would never organize government support for flood victims who out of their own negligence build in water ways and swampy areas.

According to him, it is needless for any government to offer support or tolerate reckless Ghanaians who build in water ways and swampy areas and later become victims of flooding when it rains.

”Those whose houses were affected by the flood are the same people we have allowed to build at swampy areas and in water ways,” he noted.

He claims government has no support to offer recalcitrant Ghanaians who are hit by disastrous floods when they defy authority to build structures at areas they are not permitted to build.

“Even if the government is willing to release items or funds to support flood victims, I won’t lead the delegation, because if I lead the delegation it would mean that I am encouraging people to build structures at places they should not. We should make them understand that if they defy authority to build at such places and disaster strikes, they will bear the consequences alone,” he stressed.

A 45-year-old man, identified as Isaac Asare, drowned and died at Abuakwa Manhyia in the Atwima Nwabiagya District of the Ashanti Region following the heavy rains that caused severe flooding on Friday, October 6 .

Hon. Simon Osei Mensah and his deputy Hon. Elizabeth Agyemang toured some of the areas affected by the floods in the Atwima Nwabiagya District including Agogo, Sepaase- Edwafo, Abuakwa- Abakonomadi, Manhyia.

The former Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe constituency told Otec FM After the tour that his outfit is going to undertake a demolishing exercise of all buildings without permit.

”People feel pampered because they know disaster government will rush to their aid when disaster strikes and when government fails to do so, they begin to speak ill about the relevant authorities.

“I don’t want to hear those things about human face again, if we start the demolishing we will need the support of the media. You being the interviewer has a human face, I also have a human face, and everybody has a human face, so you few people think you have human face than we the majority. We should punish people and stop the human face, human face,” he fumed.

“Two people have built structures in water ways which could cost the lives of hundreds of people and you tell me because of human face we should let it slide, do the hundreds of people who might suffer when disaster strikes have animal faces,” he quizzed.

“So we are pleading with you to support us when the demolishing starts because people say we don’t have the political will but now we are saying we have the will and are committed to do it. People should not blame us but blame those who are causing these disasters for the demolishing,” he stated.