The suspended General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kwabena Agyapong has threatened to sue a Kumasi based lawyer who described him Judas Iscariot in the NPP.

During a panel discussion on Kumasi based Ultimate radio, the private legal practitioner Kwame Adofo stated that Mr. Agyapong is likened to biblical Judas Iscariot by betraying the party through leaking of vital information to political opponents.

His comments come in the wake of continuous pressure mounting on the National Executive Committee of the party to reinstate Mr. Agyapong.

However Mr. Adofo who is against the reinstatement stated that ‘Kwabena Agyapong is a Judas of NPP, no way should he be reinstated…after Judas regretted what he did, he threw the money away and hanged himself.’’

He added ‘’Kwabena Agyapong has committed a political suicide, he’s finished as far as the NPP is concerned, he’s better of joining the NDC if he is to have any future. But as far as NPP is concerned, he is finished, how can you trust somebody who compromised you when NPP was in opposition, and now that the party is in power.’’

Meanwhile Mr. Agyapong who was not pleased with the comments has directed his lawyers to write to Mr. Adofo to retract the statement and also pay a compensation fee of 200,000 cedis by Tuesday October 31 or face them in court.