The just ended weekend saw the New Patriotic Party conducting their regional elections. The elections came to an end successfully expect for some few issues in some parts. However some sect of the public believes that the New Patriotic Party based group "Delta Force" in some part of the region caused panic and fear. On Abusuafm's morning show hosted by Kwame Adinkra, he asked Kwadwo Bamba, the leader of "Delta Force" on the general assertions of the public that, they caused panic and fear to the electoral commission personnel and the electorates. In answering the question, he said that the delta force was there for a purpose and it was to maintain peace, order and sanity in the elections. He further advised that the media should not to be too quick to bring out to public news which they have no idea. They should interrogate the leaders and the people in charge of the situation at hand. He concluded that the election was a peaceful one.