Residents at Tech-Ayigya in Kumasi expressed worried over the poor drainage system existing in the community. People throw rubbish carelessly creating a stinking atmosphere due to the presence of choked gutters resulting in poor drainage system in the area.

 Speaking to some residents, they indicated that food vendors in the community are also the cause of the problem because they are fond of throwing used-water and unwanted materials in to gutters around them haphazardly. This situation has caused the breed of mosquitoes exposing residents to unforeseen diseases.

According to report, the cause is due to lack of communal labour which does not exist in the community, which at least could be done weekly or monthly to sort out the problem.

However they continue that, the leaders don’t pay much attention to sanitary conditions in the community. In attempt to this, Communal Labour and Education of drainage system is one of the most important things the community must be aware.