As humanbeings there are so many habits which  we are use to but in actual sense, it has no positive impacts in our life but rather draining so much energy from us.

  Below are some of the horrible habits that gives us nothing but negative effects and drains so much of our energy.

1. Worrying about things that are out of control.
One thing that takes more of our time is when we get worried thinking about things that does not seem workable. We put our hope and faith in it, hoping that it will work somehow.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that it will surely work but it never materializes. This is mostly a broken  and a dead relationship which doesn't seem to have any life in it but we try to find solutions to them, knowing that it is mission impossible.

2. Always being a perfectionist.

This is one disease which is weakening us each and every day.  The greatest  task in life is to  always be "the perfect". When you want to be seen as perfect so that you will look like the best in everybody's sight, when you want to please everybody. Anybody who thinks of becoming perfect for everyone can never be healthy no matter what.  They are always thinking of impossibilities as they wake up decieving themselves that it will be possible. No one is perfect so we should not strive hard to be perfect in the eyes of everybody. avoid this and you are sure of saving so much energy.