Dadie Opanka, real name Armstrong Affum was on Enterchat, a new chat show on YouTube channel(new entertainer movies) with kobby Maze and Paxword.

When asked about the criticisms and controversies about his "Borga" track which was released some months ago, he said he was not bothered about what people say because every good song needs to be criticized somehow. Notable among these insults and criticisms was the woman who insulted bad cursed him that he has no idea what they go through abroad.

He explained that people didn't understand the meaning of the track as they thought he was directing insults on those Ghanaians who have travelled.

He said, "I am referring to people who have travelled and are well to do but do not praise God for what he has done for them. When asked if those insults and criticisms has affected him in his career, he said he is not bothered by any of those comments and he always expects the best out of any situation.

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